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Water Sports Platform
A floating platform for water sports

There are lots of water sports all over the world, like swimming, diving, snorkeling, triathlon, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, windsurfing,rowing, boating, surfing, yachting etc.,most of them are very popular and and much eayier after using our products.

we have specially designed the jet ski dock for jet-skiing, have the special swimming pool for the open water swimming, and boat dock or floating platform for all the kinds of boating games. Also these products are extremly suit for the athlete when they are traning in the water.

Dragon boat dock
Dragon-boat racing is one of the most popular trandition games of China, and also well knowned in the place where the chinese lives. We have designed the dragon boat dock for the game, it's convenient for the athlete get on the boat.
 Tthe floating platform for triathlon
Triathlon is a multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events, usually a combination of swimming, cycling and running. Our floating platform will make athlete get on the land more faster, and to make the enviroment of sence more confortable.
Generally speaking, the committee will be very strict for the enquipment of the factory, since the flaoting cubes are totally friendly with the water, we have cooperated with many committee already.

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