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Floating Bridge

Jun-Hao's dock system

Floating cubes are made of high density polyethylene resin. The cubes could assemble to be any shape as you want, and it's easy to expan or disassemble.

Floating Bridge could used in the scenic spots, rivers, parks, to make people accross the surface of the water or have more chances to play in the water. The unti-skid design make sure you are safe on the bridge.

Our floating docks and walkways are modular and portable, available in any shape, size or design. Our docks work in deep water, shallow water or even no-water conditions.

Your modular floating dock means the "T" - shaped dock today can easily become a "U" - shaped dock tomorrow. Widening or lengthening your Jet Dock floating walkways is also simple - changes are made with a simple tool kit - no power tools or special skills required. And all Jet Dock boat lifts / docking systems come with all necessary connecting devices and cleats you'll need.

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