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Yacht / boat docks

Yacht Dock


Boat Dock

People in the past have yacht dock concept is a reinforced concrete structure, but because of frequent changes of water level, such structure can not meet the requirements of the marina, floating dock can be adapt to different water levels. The yacht dock could be custom design, or we design it for you. The elements such like shape of the ship, depth of the water, flow, storm, tide and so on will be considered to design a practical yacht dock.The surface of the cubes is anti- slide design, and the layer could be boarding, quality assurance and security, is the most economical way of building yacht docks.


 The floating boat dock could used in the park, lake and river, it is convenient for people get up or down the ships.


 Our floating docks are also portable. Take your floating Dock investment with you when you move! Portability allows you to move your floating dock away from hurricane conditions, or move it easily to land to avoid moving winter ice conditions. For tranquil ice conditions, leave your Jet Dock in place all winter! Modular, portable, maintenance free and easy to use -- Jet Dock floating docks are the best marine investment money can buy!
- Unlimited configurations 
- Easy and quick assembly 
- Environmentally friendly 
- Light, sturdy and safe 
- Maintenance free (100% plastic) 
- Resistant to pollution and UV-rays 
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

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