1.How many colors do you have, how can I choose the right color?
We have blue, yellow, red, grey, black etc., also you can offer your pantone No. to us to manufacture your color. 
You may choose the dark color for it's not easily become dirty though the light color is much beautuful. Also you 
could have diffent color to combine a word or pattern.
2.What's the material of your floating cubes?
1.1All of our pontoon products are made of HDPE, there’s no lead and any other toxic, also environment friendly, it have a certification of RoSH.
1.2It’s resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals, and oil.
3.We want to know some Technical Specification of your product.

1 Single cube has a floating capacity of 89kgs,and 350kgs/m2  .

2 The tensile strength at break more than 35 mpa according to standard ATSM D638 (with testing head speed at 50mm/min).

3 The impact strength more than 85 kgf.cm/cm under ASTM D256 Izod-Method A Tested at head speed of 3.4 meter/sec.

4.How to connect the cubes?

The main features of the Modular-Floats are the four fixing lugs around the cube, and the pin in the middle which holds the four lugs coming together when we assemble 1 m2  with 4 cubes. In this module system way, we can expand the assembled surfaces to any form, any size as we wish. The Modular-Float can also be use for 2 thicknesses; this means 2 levels of Modular-Float fixing with long pin. The strength of crossed lug is over 1500kg to make sure they are connecting stably.

Our floating docks and walkways are modular and portable, available in any shape, size or design. Our docks work in deep water, shallow water or even no-water conditions.

Your modular floating dock means the "T" - shaped dock today can easily become a "U" - shaped dock tomorrow. Widening or lengthening your Jet Dock floating walkways is also simple - changes are made with a simple tool kit - no power tools or special skills required. And all Jet Dock boat lifts / docking systems come with all necessary connecting devices and cleats you'll need.

Our floating docks are also portable. Take your Jet Dock investment with you when you move! Portability allows you to move your floating dock away from hurricane conditions, or move it easily to land to avoid moving winter ice conditions. For tranquil ice conditions, leave your Jet Dock in place all winter! Modular, portable, maintenance free and easy to use.

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